NAWWA and the Protests Are Not About Black Lives

NAWWA | Jul 23 2020

It was curiosity that lured the Founder of NAWWA ("Founder") into reading a commentary on the Internet titled "Tucker Carlson says protests are 'definitely not about black lives,' prompting backlash". The writing contained several links that explained and supported the statements made by Fox News host, Tucker Carlson. This item can be accessed at the following web address:

The first link in the commentary provides an overview of certain incidents resulting from the nationwide unrest over racism and police brutality which led to Carlson's opinion that the death of George Floyd "is definitely not about black lives".

Carlson's comments were made in a fiery monologue that kicked off his prime-time show following another day of large demonstrations pertaining to the Black Lives Matter "movement". In a video of his speech, Carlson criticized the "movement" and growing calls for cities to defund police departments or completely get rid of them. In fact, Carlson referred to the protests as the "Black Lives Matter Riots" and expressed his disbelief at the requests for dismantling entire police departments.

Carlson also denounced what he called a lack of criticism in targeting the Black Lives Matter "movement" by stating, "You're not allowed to question Black Lives Matter in any way. Full stop. That rule has been enforced without mercy everywhere." Based upon the fear that to criticize the Black Lives Matter "movement" would be called a racist act, the Founder considers this to be another example of people choosing to be "politically correct" by remaining silent. As a matter of fact, the Founder sincerely believes that the fear of not being "politically correct" when dealing with racial issues is one of the causes, if not the primary cause, for the racial problems we are having in America today! Other examples of people choosing to be "politically correct" can be found in the Article titled NAWWA and Its Judeo-Christian Values.

Then, Carlson made an eyebrow-raising claim that the protests aren't about black lives before issuing the warning to his viewers that "the mob" is likely coming for them. Many comments were submitted by viewers which indicated some of them understood what Carlson was saying while others did not know.

In all honesty, the Founder fit into the category of viewers who did not know what Carlson was saying. In other words, the Founder thought there must be something else to the nationwide unrest and the Black Lives Matter "movement" name that wasn't being reported. This is because the Founder noticed the protests were being carried out in a more aggressive manner and were focused on "other" racial issues rather than on just the racism associated with police brutality which is what the simple Black Lives Matter name was originally about.

Therefore, the Founder conducted a brief online search for information about the Black Lives Matter "movement" name and found it to be somewhat broader than the simple Black Lives Matter name even though the ideology and mission of both organizations, as far as the Founder could determine, are basically the same. Because of the differences between the two names, the Founder will continue researching the Black Lives Matter "movement" name at a later point in time and publish his findings in a separate Article to NAWWA. But for now, it was confirmed that both of the aforementioned elements of the protests (i.e., the police brutality and "other" racial issues) are absolutely a part of the Black Lives Matter "movement" name.

In briefly summarizing the Black Lives Matter "movement" name in conjunction with information provided by various news sources, the protests amounted to nothing more than riots characterized by the aggression, vandalism, arson, and looting of its participants (i.e., "the mob"). Furthermore, the protests against racism were no longer being limited to just police brutality. This is because the protests have been expanded to include "other" racial issues which, in regards to this Article, mainly consist of "the mob" making demands for changing or eliminating everything that is symbolic of slavery, including the commemoration of the Confederacy itself. The demands call for, but are not necessarily limited to, removing or destroying monuments, statues and flags, renaming buildings, rewriting songs, and eliminating any other similarly-related thing.

Now, for those viewers who think "the mob" is likely coming for them, they may not be wrong - especially, if they are white.

Even though the protests might be directed at all the other races for the injustices and oppression claimed by the Blacks now and in the past, it is more than obvious that "the mob" is placing a larger portion of the blame on the whites. This is because the news reports are continually using the words "systemic racism" to describe the type of racism that is being referred to in the protests. And, based upon how some statements are being made, it appears the Blacks are linking the systemic racism to the whites. Therefore, the Founder will also address this concern later in a separate Article to NAWWA. Meanwhile, this Article will continue to clarify why the protests might not be about black lives.

To be very honest about the subject matter presented in this Article, and from a very objective and unbiased perspective on what is being reported in the news, it is becoming more and more apparent that the protests are an act of revenge against all the other races (and particularly the whites). What's more, based upon the aggressiveness of the protests with their emphasis on changing or eliminating everything related to slavery and the Confederacy, one might think the revenge would be part of a conspiracy theory. The Articles that have yet to be written and published in NAWWA about the Black Lives Matter "movement" and Systemic Racism should help determine if the revenge aspect of the protests does indeed contribute to a possible conspiracy theory. Please keep in mind that the Founder is not a psychologist or sociologist or political scientist or any other kind of professional who is well-versed in these matters. But, because he recognizes that something is wrong about the protests, he wants to find out what it is and report it accordingly.

As another thought, if there is any truth to the possible conspiracy theory mentioned above, then would the act of revenge by the Blacks be classified as an act of discrimination or prejudice against all the other races (and particularly the whites)? Regardless of how it could be classified, one thing is now for sure and that is the Black Lives Matter "movement" is enabling the Blacks to obtain preferential treatment over all the other races of people in America. This can easily be verified by seeing that many of the demands made by "the mob" have already been fulfilled.

In keeping an open mind with respect to the issues discussed thus far, the Founder wants to make it perfectly clear that he agrees with Black Lives Matter! This was clarified in the Article titled NAWWA and Black Lives Matter. It should also be pointed out that there are generally two sides to just about everything (i.e., a flip-side). For example, the new Articles about the Black Lives Matter "movement" and Systemic Racism that remain to be written might provide flip-sides to the protests being intended to primarily save black lives. In addition, the Founder wants to remind all the "readers" (i.e., Carlson's viewers, the readers of NAWWA, et al) that discrimination and prejudice works both ways among all races of people. For instance, the whites have been subjected to reverse discrimination (aka affirmative action ) since 1965. For "the mob" to suggest that the whites should now be held accountable for systemic racism against the Blacks would be a bit much. Therefore, the Founder is leaving it up to all the readers to make their own decisions regarding the subject matter discussed in this Article as well as the two new Articles that will later be published in NAWWA. At this time, the Founder is merely trying to make everyone aware of the issues associated with the protests and what challenges the White Americans might have to deal with after they officially become a minority race.

But for now, and based upon everything that has been explained above, the Black Lives Matter "movement" just might prove that Tucker Carlson was right when he said "the protests are definitely not about black lives."

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