Marvin Jones, Founder of NAWWA

Marvin Jones is a semi-retired professional who resides in Houston, Texas. He holds two Bachelor of Science degrees with one being in Mechanical Engineering and the other in the technically-oriented field of Industrial Arts. Marvin has been married for 47 years and has two grown boys.

Marvin has over 40 years experience in the energy industry which includes performing various technical and commercial services for operators and contractors in the oil & gas industry. This includes a broad involvement in the engineering and project management functions as well as all aspects of the contracting process ranging from formulating sourcing strategies to negotiating, awarding, and administering numerous contracts used on drilling programs, engineering & construction projects, and refinery turnarounds for both domestic and international work at onshore and offshore locations.

As the adopted-son of a former high school teacher/coach and U.S. military officer, Marvin has lived in various parts of the United States and overseas, including the Philippine Islands and Pakistan. During this time, he acquired many friendships with people of different races and ethnicities while also gaining an invaluable insight on the moral elements of human life. When combining the aforementioned aspect of his upbringing with the experience he acquired in the energy industry, it can easily be realized that Marvin is well suited to undertake a project of this type.

By being an advocate of equality, fairness, and justice for all U.S. citizens and after considering all of the other organizations that have previously been put in place for helping their racial categories of people, Marvin's idea for forming the National Association for the Welfare of White Americans (NAWWA) was actually conceived several years before this start-up phase of the project. Then, when taking into account the many changes in demographics among the races which are happening in the U.S. today whereby the White Americans will soon become a minority, the formation of NAWWA is even more important now.

As the Founder of NAWWA, Marvin currently serves the purpose of defining and promoting the organization's mission and vision statements, primary objectives, and its aims and purposes to the citizens of the United States. In doing so, he is also responsible for speaking on behalf of the organization and supporting its reasonable, unbiased, and just policies.