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Formation started in January 2016

The National Association for the Welfare of White Americans (NAWWA) is a new nonprofit corporation that is being formed for the purpose of maintaining equal rights (including both civil rights and human rights) among all citizens of the United States to ensure their political, educational, social, and economic opportunities are in relevance to justice and upheld according to each individual's ability and the rule of law.

In summary, NAWWA will help White Americans avoid the plight of discrimination like:

  • LULAC does for the Hispanic population;
  • the NAACP does for Blacks or African Americans;
  • the NAAAP does for Asian Americans;
  • the NCAI does for Native Americans and Alaska Natives; and
  • the NHOA and NHPI do for Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders.

"NAWWA will provide White Americans with equality in representation and a level playing-field among all of the above-named organizations that were formed to help their racial categories of people in America."
- Marvin Jones, Founder of NAWWA


An Introduction which explains the reasons for forming the nonprofit together with a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, its Primary Objectives, and the Aims and Purposes for the organization are presented in this website. All of the aforesaid documents have been reviewed by an attorney who said they are educational in nature and there would not be a problem with obtaining the state or federal 501(c)(3) registrations.

"NAWWA will also provide for diversity and a balance in representation among all of the other organizations that were formed to help their racial categories of people in America (i.e., LULAC, NAACP, NAAAP, NCAI, and NHOA/NHPI)."
- Marvin Jones, Founder of NAWWA    

A biography of the Founder that describes his qualifications together with professional and personal experiences which are essential for undertaking the project is also presented in this website.

"Everyone has the right to be proud of their race and provide for their welfare."
- Marvin Jones, Founder of NAWWA

Start-Up Organization

The purpose for this website is to introduce the new nonprofit as a start-up organization that will enable the Founder to recruit individuals who would be interested in serving on the Board of Directors and solicit contributions for funding final development of the nonprofit.

Need 3 Initial Board Members

As a public charity to be organized within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and in order to complete the Certificate of Formation in the State of Texas, the Founder needs to recruit a minimum of 3 initial board members to serve on the Board of Directors.

First of all, the initial board members must agree with the Founder's reasons for its formation. If they do not truly care about the very purpose of the organization, their value is minimal. Secondly, they must possess a certain level of business or organizational competency. It is not necessary for them to have prior experience as business leaders, per se, but they should understand the principles of good business practices. They should be logical as well as strategic thinkers. They should be willing to give of their time and energy to see the organization's mission accomplished. They should always understand that their role is governance, not management. Governance establishes mission and programs, while management actively works those programs under accountability to governance. And finally, they MUST be people of integrity.

One more point concerning the initial board members: Not every person will have equal measure of the qualities outlined above. People by nature are more talented in certain areas. Therefore, the Founder will keep this point in mind during the selection process in order to maintain balance within the organization.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact:

[javascript protected email address]


This project is ALL OR NOTHING.

Because the Founder does not know if the new nonprofit corporation will be accepted by viewers as a viable project, a target amount for contributions has not been set. As you can understand, many expenses will be incurred in executing this project. These expenses will include, but certainly are not limited to, the costs for legal services, registrations, final website design and hosting, preparing various publications, developing promotional programs, and many other project-related items. The list and costs for all such items is far too numerous to mention at this time.

Therefore, your generosity will determine whether or not NAWWA will become an actual nonprofit corporation. At this juncture, all proceeds received from the donations will be used to pay for the cost of its official formation. Any amount will help to achieve this goal!


"Stand up now and in the future for supporting your fundamental rights to equality among all the other races in America. If not for you, then at least for your children and your children's children."
- Marvin Jones, Founder of NAWWA

How You Can Help

  1. Apply to become a Board Member - Participation by you as one of the 3 initial Board Members will determine whether or not NAWWA will become an actual nonprofit corporation.
  2. Back the Project - Now that it has been introduced as a start-up organization, NAWWA is again ALL OR NOTHING. Your contribution will determine whether or not NAWWA will become an actual nonprofit corporation. Any amount will help achieve this goal!
  3. Spread the Word - Whether you can or cannot serve as an initial Board Member or make a donation, sharing this project via email or on your social media accounts will help in achieving its official formation.
  4. Get in Touch - Want to submit a comment? Express a view or opinion? Let NAWWA and others know by joining the blog presented in Views and Opinions.

Thank You for Supporting This Project