NAWWA will provide Balance and Equilibrium

NAWWA | Jul 31 2018

As most readers know, the word semantics is the study of meaning. It focuses on the relationship between signifiers - like words, phrases, signs, and symbols - and what they stand for (i.e., their connotation).

Even though certain words used to describe the formation of NAWWA may appear to have ordinary meanings, the Founder intended for them to have more significant meanings. And, when deciphering the writings presented in NAWWA it can be realized that the same words also have a physical and, sometimes, a psychological meaning as well. Both of these qualities provide the Founder with a unique way of promoting the formation of NAWWA to the readers.

For instance, the word balance has a complex meaning that can be used in several different ways. It can be used as either a noun or verb with its meaning defined by the subject matter of what something is about. Generally, the word balance is used to describe a state in which opposing forces come into harmony. This situation is more recognizable when weighing something on a scale. Thus, this would be the physical meaning of the word balance.

Then, when opposing forces are brought into harmony, or balanced, a condition of equilibrium is established whereby there is no net change between the forces. In addition, the word equilibrium contains a root from the Latin word libra, meaning weight or balance. As a constellation, zodiac symbol, and astrological sign, Libra is usually pictured as a set of balance scales often held by the blindfolded Goddess of Justice who symbolizes fairness, equality, and justice. Consequently, this would be the psychological meaning of the word equilibrium.

So, by now the reader should be asking, How are the words balance and equilibrium related to NAWWA?

Many years ago the Founder recognized that balance in representation between all of the racial categories of people in the United States did not really exist for White Americans. This was especially the case in situations involving White Americans when compared to those associated with the Hispanics and Blacks or African Americans. Perhaps the reason for both of these disparities can be better understood from the results of a search conducted on the Internet by the Founder.

The search led the Founder to a website named GuideStar. Upon accessing this website, the Founder saw an introductory statement claiming GuideStar to be the most complete source of information about charities and other nonprofit organizations in the United States. The Founder also noticed the Directory in GuideStar consisted of 9 categories of charities and nonprofit organizations. The categories ranged from Arts, Culture, and Humanities to the Unknown. It was also learned that GuideStar has a database from which a named charity or nonprofit organization can be found by searching in a variety of ways such as by the categories of charities and nonprofits or by city, state, and so forth.

In order to determine how many organizations had already been formed to provide representation for the 6 racial categories of people in America, the Founder conducted his search by selecting all of the categories of charities and nonprofits in the GuideStar Directory and then entering the abbreviated names or acronyms for each of the 6 racial categories of people in the search-box. Based upon this approach, the GuideStar database produced the findings presented in the following table:

Abbreviated Name or Acronym
The 6 Racial Categories of People in America
Number of Organizations Formed
to provide for
Their Representation
* White Americans, Caucasians, etc. * 0
LULAC for the Hispanic population 214
NAACP for Blacks or African Americans 460
NAAAP for Asian Americans 10
NCAI for Native Americans and Alaska Natives 3
NHOA & NHPI for Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders 4

* Because NAWWA is in the start-up phase of being a nonprofit organization, it is not yet classified as an IRS-recognized organization nor is it registered in the GuideStar Directory. Therefore, the search for its corresponding organizations was conducted under similarly-related names like White Americans, Caucasians, etc. Based upon this strategy, only 1 hit was obtained which referred to a website named Center for the Study of White American Culture Inc (CSWAC). A review of this website indicated there were not really any similarities between it and NAWWA. It happens that CSWAC is a multi-racial nonprofit that focuses on de-centering white culture while NAWWA is a start-up nonprofit that will be directed at providing, together with other things, the much needed representation for White Americans - like what LULAC does for the Hispanic population, the NAACP does for Blacks or African Americans, and the other racially-named organizations do for their populations.


It is also important to point out that the search conducted on the Internet found many other organizations and media groups that provide some form of representation for White Americans. However, basically all of these groups promote controversial viewpoints about race and, consequently, have been labeled by most readers as White Nationalist, White Supremacist, or alt-right organizations. Therefore, none of these organizations are considered as providing representation for White Americans because their ideologies are contrary to those of NAWWA.

Now, based upon the findings presented in the table above, it can be seen that not even 1 organization has been formed to provide the appropriate representation for White Americans. Therefore, this finding should provide the reader with more than enough evidence that there is no balance in representation among all of the 6 racial categories of people in America.

Furthermore, and as can be seen in the same table, there is a greater disparity in representation involving the Hispanics and Blacks or African Americans when compared to all of the other racial categories of people. Except for the White Americans, this imbalance is mostly due to the larger populations of the Hispanics and Blacks or African Americans and such reasoning is verifiable by the smaller populations of the other categories of races. In the situation involving the White Americans, and one in which they have a large population, it is simply a matter of them not having any representation at all.

Because of the imbalance in representation for White Americans, do you think it is a reason that is contributing to the racial tensions across America as mentioned in the Introduction to NAWWA? Or, per the 2014 study mentioned in the same Introduction, do you think it is a reason that is prompting the fear and distrust among White Americans? Or, do you think it is a reason why those groups labeled as White Nationalist, White Supremacist, or alt-right organizations were formed? Or, do you think it is a reason why white people are often times accused of being racists? Or, do you think it is a reason why white people frequently act in a hypocritical manner or maintain double standards when dealing with racial issues?

Based upon everything that has been presented in this Article thus far, the Founder thinks one of the main reasons for all of the imbalances described in the preceding paragraph is because the White Americans do not have any representation among the other 5 racial categories of people in America. This can be both frustrating and very disappointing for the White Americans because they do not have a voice in many things which pertain to them. Therefore, it only stands to reason that a person without representation is defenseless and can easily be persecuted by others who have representation and, conversely, a person with representation can easily persecute and take advantage of others who don't have representation. This analogy pertains to all racial categories of people as well as their organizations.

In the Founder's opinion, the only way to solve the problem of imbalance in representation is from a logical and practical perspective which will involve the actual formation of NAWWA. In fact, one of the primary Aims and Purposes of NAWWA is to provide the White Americans with their much needed representation. A type of representation that is both credible and proactive, and not controversial or confrontational. In essence, the Founder intends for NAWWA to provide the White Americans with the kind of representation that is comparable to the representation provided by the organizations for the other 5 racial categories of people. And, once NAWWA starts providing this sort of representation to the White Americans, the balance in representation among all of the racial categories of people in America will be initiated.

Then, after initiation of the representation, and when the opposing forces associated with the imbalance are brought into harmony or balanced, a condition of equilibrium will take place in this aspect of the relations among all of the racial categories of people. Of course, the Founder realizes this equilibrium will not be attained all at once but it will, nonetheless, be a step in the right direction. Afterwards, when a steady-state of equilibrium is firmly established, the Founder anticipates improvements can be made in other aspects of the relations as well.

In closing, and to briefly summarize what has been presented in this Article, the Founder strongly believes the representation to be provided by NAWWA for the White Americans will help eliminate much of the societal discord between the races that has taken place and is still happening in America today. And, the Founder also believes the reader can help in establishing more harmonious relations between the races by promoting diversity and the equality of rights among all racial categories of people that comprise our great nation. Therefore, please do your part by supporting and mentioning to others.

NAWWA will provide White Americans with equality in representation among all of the other organizations that were formed to help their racial categories of people in America. - Marvin Jones, Founder of NAWWA

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