NAWWA will Help Eradicate Racism

NAWWA | Oct 23 2020


In order to tell readers how NAWWA will help eradicate racism, the Founder of NAWWA ("Founder") prepared and submitted an op-ed to numerous news sources on how this could be accomplished. For those who do not know what an "op-ed" is, it is simply an abbreviated term for the words "opposite the editorial page" and consists of a written piece that is typically published by a newspaper or magazine which expresses the opinion of an author usually not affiliated with the publication's editorial board.

To date, the op-ed has been submitted to over 37 independent news sources and 15 newspapers and magazines which included a few renowned journals like The Washington Times, USA Today, and The Epoch Times. Unfortunately, none of the aforementioned news sources incorporated the op-ed in their media product. Only a few of the sources provided a reason for not publishing the op-ed while all of the others did not say anything.

When considering the notoriety of the subject matter and the attention it generally receives from readers, the Founder thought it very unusual for the news sources to pass on the op-ed. So, why do you suppose they passed? Could it be because they wanted to be politically correct by not saying anything about it? Or, do you think if racism was eradicated, then they would not have any more news to report about it and, consequently, might loose some business? Regardless of the reasons, the Founder would like to know your opinion on this matter. In the meantime, the op-ed that was submitted to the news sources is as follows:

Help Eradicate Racism

Over the last few months, much has been said about the need to eliminate racism in our society. Unfortunately, based upon my observations, very little has been done (or is being done) to accomplish this goal. Oh sure, I've heard several politicians, religious leaders, and other personalities say something must be done to eliminate racism. But it appears to me that all of the aforesaid individuals are waiting for someone else to do it.

By not being a psychologist or sociologist or political scientist or any other kind of professional who is well-versed in these matters, I don't know why racism has become such a problem or how it can be eliminated. And, in all honesty, I doubt that racism will ever be totally eradicated in the United States as long as there are two or more racial categories of people living together. But I do have some ideas on how this problem can be alleviated and would like to share them with you.

It appears to me that one of the biggest causes of racism involving White Americans is that they don't have any representation among all the other racial categories of people living in the United States. In other words, the White Americans do not have anyone who can speak for them on matters pertaining to their welfare. I think this is primarily due to the fact that the White Americans do not have a racially-named organization which provides them with a form of representation among all the other racially-named organizations in the United States. A representation that is both credible and proactive and not controversial or confrontational like what the White Nationalists, White Supremacists, and alt-right organizations are providing for their members. But with a new nonprofit corporation created to specifically serve the aforementioned purpose, the White Americans would be provided with their much needed and equal representation. Because of this and several other reasons, I have decided to accept the challenge of developing the new nonprofit organization myself. In fact, I have already developed a format for the new organization that can be seen on the website which I am building. The format is comparable to the formats used by the other racially-named organizations like LULAC is for the Hispanic population; the NAACP is for the Blacks or African Americans; and, the other racially-named organizations are for their categories of people.

I also believe another big cause of racism involving the White Americans is based upon the fact that they are more intent on being "politically correct" when dealing with racial matters rather than being truthful by abiding by their personal convictions. This is generally evidenced by them acting in a hypocritical manner or maintaining double standards when dealing with a particular racial issue. I believe the White Americans choose to be politically correct so they won't have to fear any reprisals that might cause them losses, examples of which could include a reduction of votes for a politician or customers for a merchant or members in a congregation or whatever else may be at risk.

The strategy of being politically correct might serve its purpose for the time being. But, in reality, a problem cannot be solved until its root cause is determined and the findings are dealt with in an honest and unbiased manner. So, the fear of not being political correct can certainly be considered one of the causes, if not the primary cause, for the racial problems that we are having today.

Based upon the above explanations, it should now be realized that the actual formation of the new nonprofit corporation for White Americans would place the Whites on a level playing field with all the other racial categories of people in the United States. After this is accomplished, "all" of the races could collaborate as a team to determine how to resolve the issues of racism that are preventing some of the citizens in our great nation from functioning as a whole. With all the races working together to eradicate racism, it could then be seen that Aristotle's metaphysical phrase quoted below would accurately reflect the modern concept of "social" synergy.

"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts"

Thank you and God bless,

Marvin Jones is the Founder of a new nonprofit corporation that is being created to provide for the equal representation and welfare of White Americans among all the other racial categories of people in the United States.

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