NAWWA and Why the Followers want Marxism

NAWWA | Mar 15 2021


Presented below is the fifth op-ed that the Founder of NAWWA ("Founder") submitted to numerous news sources. For whatever reasons, none of the op-eds have been published by the news sources.

However, prior to the submittal of this fifth op-ed, one of the news sources informed the Founder that most newspapers, like theirs, have syndicated columnists writing about the big national issues. If the Founder wanted to get published, then he will have to find a way to localize whatever he is writing about. And, make the writing directly relevant to their readers by researching the articles they have published on that topic. Otherwise, it will be hard to compete with the national columnists.

Although the above paragraph provided the Founder with good information, it was still disappointing and frustrating for him to hear it. This is because the Founder is not a syndicated columnist who has a degree in journalism or is a member of a journalist organization or is paid for his writings. But, the Founder's writings are about more than just local issues because they address issues of a national importance which includes regional and local issues as well. And, the Founder's writings are directly relevant to the readers because they cover issues that have already been researched by syndicated columnists and published by news sources in both printed and online media products. It should also be noted that an excuse was not provided by the news sources for rejecting op-eds submitted by guest columnists whom the Founder had represented himself to be.

Regardless of the excuses made by the news sources for not publishing the op-eds, the Founder still thinks they are passing because it is forbidden for anyone to say anything that could be considered disapproving of BLM or the BLM movement. And, what is so hypocritical about the news sources being silent on this aspect of their publications is that many of them claim they support truthful journalism by providing accurate news and engaging features which helps safeguard our freedoms and democracy. (Yeah, if only half of what they say were true ...)

Why the Followers want Marxism

Black lives do matter. But everyone knows the "BLM movement" is not about saving black lives. It's about advocating Marxism and transforming America into a communist state as verified in the following online articles:

To avoid any misunderstanding about the racial aspects of this article, the push-back on the BLM movement is not intended to deny the Blacks of any benefits. Instead, it is intended to make "all" Americans, regardless of their race or ethnicity, aware that an attempt is being made to transform America into a communist state.

So, why do the followers of the BLM movement ("Followers") want Marxism? Perhaps this can best be answered by looking at the pros and cons of Marxism and seeing what they will do for the Followers. To do this, the more prevailing pros and cons of Marxism were selected for the analysis. A compilation of these terms was derived from several online sources which included the two articles listed below.

Now, the pros and cons of Marxism with brief summaries of what they will do for the Followers are as follows:

Pros of Marxism

  • Creates a system of equality.
  • Encourages formation and support of unions.
  • Debt is a rarity.


Equality involving gender roles and certain access to education and health care is already being provided to the Followers by the provisions of Affirmative action. But, to have total equality under Marxism, the Followers would still lose on this pro as well as the other pros. This is because the upper and middle classes of Followers will be reduced to a lower class of Followers in both wealth and power. When this happens, the education and health care systems will become completely socialized and, consequently, less effective for the Followers. The formation and support of unions will continue, but exactly what the unions will do for the Followers could not be found on the Internet. However, the Marxist government will most probably eliminate some union benefits for the Followers because economies traditionally don't do well in socialist countries and the Followers would have to make up for the losses. Ironically, even though the Followers won't have much of anything they will be kept debt free because the Marxist government will own everything and distribute the resources accordingly.

Cons of Marxism

  • Abolishes organized religion.
  • Eliminates ownership of private businesses and properties.
  • No opportunities for entrepreneurs.
  • Leads to a dictatorship.


The Followers would lose even more from the cons of Marxism. For instance, Marxism will abolish organized religion. It is shocking to find the Blacks are supporting a movement that will do this, especially when considering their devotion to God. Marxism will also eliminate the ownership of private businesses and properties that would typically provide the Followers with reward for their work. Under Marxism the Followers will be given a place to live as part of a community that is contributing to the common good, but the Followers will not have control over where they live or what they do to contribute. This loss of ownership will also destroy any incentive for the Followers to compete and pursue new ventures. Basically, all of the things said about the loss of ownership of businesses and properties will likewise apply to entrepreneurs. There will be no motivation or reward for creating new products because everything will be controlled by the government. And, as stated in other articles about this subject, Marxism is the same as communism in that it will eventually take everything away from the Followers and give it to a dictator.


After looking at the pros and cons of Marxism, it's hard to believe that the Followers would even think about giving up their freedom and a democratic way of life for a Marxist government. It is through our democracy that Americans are provided the opportunity to fill their needs. And, some of their needs can be supplemented with welfare.

But, according to the BLM movement, the Followers want a Marxist government that will deny them of their freedom and a democratic way of life while also filling their needs by telling them what to think, what to say, and what to do. Perhaps this relationship between the Followers and the Marxist government can be better understood by the analogy that portrays the Followers as easily influenced, uninformed children who want their needs filled without knowing what they will be giving up and the Marxist government as the parent who will have complete control over the children while filling the children's needs. Unfortunately, the scary thing about this analogy is that all the "children" are currently among us.

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