NAWWA and Wake Up America!

NAWWA | Nov 23 2020

After noticing the protests under the BLM movement were being carried out in a more aggressive and, frequently, violent manner and were also focused on "other" racial issues rather than on just the racism associated with police brutality, the Founder of NAWWA ("Founder") conducted a thorough online search regarding the movement and found that it was about something much bigger than saving black lives.

Instead of saving black lives, the Founder learned the BLM movement is now about advocating a far-left socialist society known as Marxism which could ultimately transform America into a communist state. All of this is more fully explained in the Article titled NAWWA and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

In order to tell readers what the BLM movement is really about, the Founder prepared an op-ed on the subject matter and submitted it to numerous news sources for publication in their media products. Again, for those readers who do not know, an "op-ed" is simply an abbreviated term for the words "opposite the editorial page" and consists of a written piece that is typically published by a newspaper or magazine which expresses the opinion of an author usually not affiliated with the publication's editorial board.

To date, the op-ed has been submitted to over 35 news sources that produce online and print publications. Unfortunately, to date and like the op-ed described in the Article titled NAWWA will Help Eradicate Racism, none of the aforementioned news sources incorporated the op-ed in their media products.

When considering the attention the BLM movement generally receives from readers, the Founder again thought it very unusual for the news sources to pass on the op-ed. So, why do you suppose they passed? It is the Founder's opinion that they passed because it is forbidden for anyone to say anything that could be considered disapproving of BLM or the BLM movement. Or, perhaps, do you think if the truth about the BLM movement were revealed, then the news source that reported it would be called a racist and, consequently, would lose some business or would be vandalized or even torched? Regardless of the reasons, the Founder would like to know your opinion on this matter.

The Founder's counter to any differing opinions about the suppositions in the above paragraph in addition to the primary purpose for publishing the op-ed is that "all" Americans, regardless of their race or ethnicity, should be made aware of what is going on in our great nation and, consequently, what could happen to them if America is transformed into a communist state. In the meantime, the full and unaltered version of the op-ed is presented below.

Wake Up America!

By now everyone knows the BLM movement is not about saving black lives. Instead, the BLM movement is a Marxist movement and a direct attack on democracy. It is aimed at changing the core values of America. The readers can examine the formal definitions of the six core values and a set of scenarios that shows what each value looks like by accessing the online article titled America's Core Values: Liberty, Equality & Self-Government.

The core values will be changed the same way the BLM movement is currently changing things. In other words, because the BLM movement has the flexibility of advocating for "other" policy changes considered to be related to Black liberation, the changes will be made under the BLM facade of saving black lives.

The method of demanding the changes described above is already being implemented by the BLM movement. For instance, eliminating everything related to slavery and the Confederacy doesn't have anything to do with saving black lives. It's merely changes that suit the preferences of the Blacks. Apparently, the authorities have made concessions on these changes to show they are not racists or, perhaps, they fear reprisals if they don't give in. Sound familiar?

The BLM movement will continue making demands for the other policy changes mentioned above. This is because it has been working for them in the form of a revolutionary movement. According to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, a revolutionary movement is defined as a specific type of social movement dedicated to carrying out a revolution. Unfortunately, the BLM revolutionary movement is promoting Marxism.

Case in point, two of the three Co-Founders of the BLM movement proclaim they are "trained Marxists" with the third Co-Founder going along with it. For those readers who don't know, Marxism is the same as communism. The Communist Manifesto, published by German Marxist political theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, formed the basis for the modern communist movement arguing that capitalism would inevitably self-destruct to be replaced by socialism and ultimately communism.

From an online article titled "We are Trained Marxists," says BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors and history about the rise of Mao Zedong, the Chinese communist revolutionary, the readers can see the following similarities between the BLM movement and Mao's movement:

  • Mao was a Marxists
  • Mao was an atheist
  • Mao used minority abuses to fuel his cause
  • Mao appealed to the youth
  • Mao inspired student and union protests
  • Mao used violence and fear to accomplish his goals
  • Mao destroyed statues and history books in an effort to erase history
  • Mao desired to destroy the government system to replace it with a Marxist structure

The above comparison proves the BLM's Marxist movement is in full force and effect to change America into a far-left socialist society. And, such change could ultimately result in transforming America into a communist state.

The "trained Marxists" are working in collaboration with other groups that are supporting the BLM movement. Changes are being demanded by utilizing a loose confederation of groups such as Antifa together with other resources within BLM that consist of a decentralized network of activists that have no formal hierarchy. This movement consists of supporting causes outside of police brutality on Blacks and includes LGBTQ activism, feminism, immigration reform, and economic justice. A coalition of 60 organizations affiliated with BLM is also calling for, just to name a few, abolishing incarceration, reparations for slavery, and defunding the police.

BLM's strategies and tactics for initiating change makes periodic use of force for disruptive or defensive purposes, often stepping beyond the limits of nonviolence, but sometimes stopping short of total militarization. BLM also engages in direct action tactics that make people uncomfortable enough whereby they usually address the issue by giving in to the demands.

All information obtained from the online articles referenced in the preceding paragraphs can be verified by accessing such articles. All other information can be verified, and more disturbing facts about the BLM movement can be obtained, by accessing the Wikipedia online article titled Black Lives Matter.

In closing, the most alarming thing about this whole mess is to see the number of people who have jumped on the band-wagon to support the BLM movement, a movement they obviously don't know anything about? And, it's even more alarming to find the same people, who include both Blacks and Whites, have been dumbed-down so much as to join a movement that will lead them into communism which, ironically, is another form of slavery in itself.

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