NAWWA and its Format and Ideologies

NAWWA | Aug 07 2018

In reiterating the closing to the Introduction of NAWWA, the U.S. Census Bureau's data and other findings provide undeniable proof that White Americans are becoming a minority race in America. What the whites do with that data and how the overall population reacts to this change in racial categories remains to be seen. Regardless of the outcome, the purpose of NAWWA is to inform the whites of their pending transition from a majority to minority race and then help them overcome any adversity that they incur during and after the transition.

Hence, the formation of NAWWA evolved from the Founder's desire to provide the White Americans with an organization that would support and promote the welfare of its people during and after their transition to a minority race. But in doing so, the Founder wanted the organization to be both a credible and non-controversial organization. He also wanted the underlying principles of NAWWA to coincide with those of the other 5 races. In essence, the Founder wanted to provide the White Americans with an organization comparable to the organizations that were formed by the other racial categories of people in America.

In order to determine the format for NAWWA, the Founder reviewed the websites for each of the abbreviated names or acronyms of the 5 other racial categories of people that were officially recognized by the Census Bureau. A listing of these categories of people and the number of their respective organizations was presented in a table set forth in NAWWA will provide Balance and Equilibrium. A version of this table is shown below for the reader's convenient reference.

Abbreviated Name or Acronym
The 5 Other Racial Categories of People in America
Number of Organizations Formed
to provide for
Their Representation
LULAC for the Hispanic population 214
NAACP for Blacks or African Americans 460
NAAAP for Asian Americans 10
NCAI for Native Americans and Alaska Natives 3
NHOA & NHPI for Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders 4

From this point forward, it can quickly be realized how the format and ideologies for NAWWA were determined by the Founder and a brief explanation about this effort is as follows:

Upon accessing the official websites for each of the categories of races, the Founder paid close attention to what was presented in their mission, vision, objectives, aims & purposes, and similarly-related statements. And, for the sake of clarification, the ideas, beliefs, goals, expectations, and motivations presented in all of the aforesaid statements may be collectively referred to as the ideologies of the 5 races. In doing this, the Founder listed the key points quoted for each of the statements in tabular form. Then, from the resulting table, the Founder selected the most appropriate points which best suited the same type of statements he wanted to include in NAWWA and modified them accordingly. As the reader would expect, due to the larger size of their organizations, the majority of the statements, or ideologies, used in NAWWA were derived from LULAC and the NAACP.

Thus, the format of NAWWA and its ideologies is a compilation of the formats and ideologies presented in the organizations for all of the other 5 racial categories of people in America.

Based upon the above explanation combined with Its Judeo-Christian Values, it can easily be recognized that NAWWA is not a White Nationalist, White Supremacist, or alt-right organization. In fact, it would be ridiculous for anyone to even imply that it was. And, for anyone to say that NAWWA is still a racist organization would be like them saying the organizations for the other 5 racial categories of people are racist too, which statement would be another misnomer.

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